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Creating change through intention

Creating change through intention

January is a month of change for many. It is a month when the best intentions are set and lost. And it highlights the complex relationship between body, mind and soul. The need to be completely aligned with our goals and intentions. What do I mean by being aligned?...

Emotional Resilience

Emotional Resilience

Tapping out, emotional resilience, and working it through til the bell rings  I was reading some work this morning by Brene Brown about straddling the tension and trying not to tap out.  So many things came to mind, one of them; the extreme of tapping out in...

I’m Busy. I’ve got Magical Sh*t to do

I’m Busy. I’ve got Magical Sh*t to do

You know what this says to me, get out of my way; I am breaking free.

I think I have reached a point where I finally realise that I am not a robot and there are these things called emotions, that everything is not black and white, I can define the relationship I have with anyone, there is this thing called shame that holds me back and down and chokes the life out of me.

Not sure if coaching is for you?

  • Would you like to tick off some of the goals/intentions you have set yourself?

  • Would you like to start that business venture you have always dreamed of?

  • Would you like to identify some of the things that are holding you back and have a strategy for dealing with them?

  • Or, would you just like to know yourself a little better?

If any of these questions resonate with you, book in for your free clarity call here. 


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