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Happiness – it is an inside job

The sun kissing my skin
As I stand grounded
Helps me to feel truly within
All my fears unfounded

How can I continue this ongoing?
Not giving in to the critic within
Realising that life really is beautiful, flowing
I no longer wait for life to begin

What are you waiting for?

What is happiness really?

Is it a feeling, is it good weather, is it everything going well, or is it an amazing cup of coffee at your favourite coffee shop? What about watching puppies or kittens playing, having a massage or sitting in a heated spa pool enjoying some quiet time.

It is all of those things and more.

It is natural to have lows every now and again, feeling as though there is no flow, because let’s face it life does not always go according to plan.

Things happen and we do not always have the resiliency or the energy to instantly pivot and create a great situation out of one that is not so great.

Experiencing a few not so great moments in a row is not much fun and while you cannot always out pace a bad day or bad moments, there are some things you can integrate into your routine that might help.

Here are a few things that will help you out of a funk and enjoying life more.

  • Take time daily to reflect or chill out, spend some time doing something for you.
  • Music is a great way to change the way we are feeling and with so many genre’s available there is bound to be a song for every moment
  • Move! Do a form of exercise you enjoy. Add lifting weights if you can. Weight training has been reported to offer a pile of psychological benefits and provides a real ‘pick me up’
  • Read, write, draw, play an instrument. Doing something in the creative space allows your mind to draw on a completely different set of skills with no pressure. Losing yourself in these moments is the best way to find a happy place
  • Eat well and hydrate well. Our bodies function better when they are nutritionally balanced.  Find what works for you and get creative in the kitchen.
  • Mindfulness and meditation are one of the simplest forms of decreasing stress while increasing focus, productivity and concentration.
  • Practice gratitude daily, with or without journaling. Alongside meditation this is also an easy way to feel more satisfied with life.

Sometimes these things are easier said than done.  I can guarantee that if you starting to introduce a few of these things in your day you will feel happier most of the time and have some tools to pull you out of some low moments.

Are you waiting for happiness?

If you are finding it harder than it should be to feel happy, feel something is holding you back or just want more out of life get in touch.

You can contact me here or book in a discovery call to discuss things further and work through how I can help you step into the real you.