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The most important relationship you will have ever, is with you.  Yet it can be the one that is neglected the most.  Everyone else and everything else comes first.

And that does work, until it doesn’t.

What do I mean by that? 

When giving is always to another person, another project, a job, or task it takes away from us.  Over time we lose our connection with self, our resilience and belief.  We continuously let ourselves down and that comes at a big cost.  Without balance between self and others, our inner world can become resentful, anxious, isolated, and disconnected.

The focus is on doing more.  More work, more study, more tasks, helping others, or isolating more to name a few.  These are all mechanisms created to take us away from us.  And mostly there is a reason for that.

It is different for everyone. 

Sometimes it is we do not like who we are. We do not like our experience.  We cannot see a way out of the moment we are in.  We feel like a fraud.  We feel if people got to know us, they might find out who we really are.

Not only do all these things exist, but the real kicker is also that they are not visible and buried so deep it can seem an impossible task trying to work out why we are continuously chasing our tails.  Trying to be happy but making ourselves more unhappy by the moment.

Is the why important?  

Sometimes it is.  I have found though that if your focus is on the solution rather than the reason, just acknowledging all of this can help navigate a healthier way through daily life.

So, what does showing up mean? 

It means

  • doing the things you say you will do. It means helping yourself first
  • putting into practice all the things you know create a healthy life for you
  • having healthy boundaries
  • not reacting to things, people.

This is the ultimate description of self-care.  Caring for self!

Once your relationship with you is healthy and balanced, the relationships you have with others will also follow suit.


If this is something that resonates with you and you would like to know more, contact me or book in a discovery call.