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Tapping out, emotional resilience, and working it through til the bell rings 

I was reading some work this morning by Brene Brown about straddling the tension and trying not to tap out.  So many things came to mind, one of them; the extreme of tapping out in a difficult moment vs seeing the process through to the end.    

How often do we tap out on how we are feeling because the tension is too much in that moment? Feeling defeated we distract ourselves with other things and the moment passes. And then at other times we hold the feeling, contain it and go with the intensity and are able to follow it through to a natural conclusion for that moment  

Releasing the charge behind an emotion can help with the processing of these moments, allowing healing in that moment. This can happen on a conscious level, subconscious level or both. This is where coaching and using emotion code together works well to assist us in gaining that fullness of life  

The fullness of life can only really be appreciated when we are able to know the tension, understand and accept the moment, and see the beauty that has been there all along