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January is a month of change for many. It is a month when the best intentions are set and lost. And it highlights the complex relationship between body, mind and soul. The need to be completely aligned with our goals and intentions.

What do I mean by being aligned? This is where your heart and soul, the subconscious part of you, is truly onside with what you want to achieve.

Our conscious mind and subconscious mind are continuously running. They are either aligned or not. When aligned the energy flows well, things happen as intended and when things do not happen we can see where changes need to be made and the energy flows some more. We achieve what we wanted to, and life feels easy.

When these two parts are not aligned, life feels clunky. The goals we set feel hard to achieve and the roadblocks are many. It seems as though everything is in our way, problems are many, and life is just way too hard.

Life is not meant to be hard. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is not full of challenges. Even with those challenges, life can be enjoyable, empowering.

So, how can you align yourself with your goals and intentions? And how can you make this a part of your life ongoing, not just on January 1 every year?

• Get to know you – what do you love, what do you want? Look inside of you for these answers

• Remove the focus from the external – is what you are trying to achieve keeping others happy or you?

I often think that, as humans, we look for love in all the wrong places. We seek the opinions, love, sense of satisfaction from things and others around us. True contentment and love come from within and once we learn to recognise that we then align more with what we truly want. Getting what we want from life becomes easy.

What holds us back?

Life, in general, is full of challenges and over time these can cause blockages and resistance to the decisions we make. It then seems that no matter what we do, we cannot achieve that goal. Whether it is losing weight, getting fitter or stronger, success in a career or business.

Removing those blockages is key. All this really is, is a blockage of energy. Once that energy has been released it allows us to move or work more freely. Life is easier, life flows better and the intentions we set are achieved leaving us feeling energised.

Are you ready for the good news? You can have all of that. Feeling energised, empowered. Are you ready to act?

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‘Today I step forward into my greatness, releasing all and anything holding me to my past’