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You may have noticed that life as we know it today is not what you would have expected it to be a year or two ago. It feels like it is harder to find balance, a sense of order and control.

Is it harder because of our perception, because of the story we keep running and telling ourselves?

Or is it harder because of what life, the world throws at us?

What if it is completely in our control to find that
balance, order and control?

It is not up to the world to be balanced so we can have balance. It is up to us, as individuals, to find that balance for ourselves.

And rather than feeling like we are being held to ransom to live a healthy life, I challenge you to look within. Is it possible you are holding yourself ransom?

Are you resisting doing things differently to be able to get the most out of life today? Or are you holding on to the way life was, knowing things are different now and not wanting to do something different to get that same balance and peace.

Are you waiting for something to make you feel good, yet continue to feel awful. Rather than wait, why not ‘create’ the ‘feel good’.

I believe that mindset is everything and you can change your mind at any time. You control how you feel, how you deal with your life.

How do you do this? Think differently.

Sounds easy doesn’t it when you see the words. And it can be easy, with practice and awareness as to where your thoughts are taking you. It is the practice and awareness that takes time.

When you think about the future, do you find yourself feeling anxious, or feeling depressed about how life is playing out?

Do you feel as though there is no point in making changes because the world around you is in a state of chaos?

We take on the energy of what is going on around us and often we can let that go. Sometimes we do not and it is those imbalances that don’t allow us to move forward or make us feel like we are stuck.

Energy like our thoughts is affected by mindset, and mindset by energy. By thinking differently and changing the state we are in, this in turn allows us to create balance, for ourselves, in the world today.

I encourage you to set some time aside every day and create a regular time where you can;

    • Listen to your mind and body – what is it trying to tell you?
    • Get in touch with you and how you feel inside without the busy-ness of the world around you
    • What are your emotional pain points, what are your physical pain points
    • Write down what is going on for you and set up a regular dialogue of these things, your goals, achievements
    • Regularly assess what changes you can make and what is outside of your control right now. How can you increase your quality of life without relying on anything external to you
    • Get in touch with someone that can help you digest some or all of this if you feel it would help

Balance is different for all of us and does not mean being calm or in control all of the time. Life is full of challenges, busy times, sad times, anger, love, fun; to name only a few.

Balance also requires discipline and doing the things we do not want to do, as well as being true to your life beliefs and goals.

So, what does balance look like for you and what can you do to create more of that in your life? What are you resisting in life and how is that impacting how you are living?

If you would like some help to work through some of the things in this article, contact me or book a time to discuss what this would look like for you.

Whether you feel there is something holding you back or want to come up with a plan, the support of a coach will help you achieve results perfect for you.