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Over the last few months, I have written about creating change and balance, outlining a few strategies that would help and also working through a few things that hold us back from achieving what we really want.

I have subsequently come up with a cheat sheet to help stay on track. Here are some tips to creating goals that stick, ensuring you stay on track and aligned with all you want to achieve.


Get to know you

What do you love?

What do you most want?

Spend some time getting to know you and what is important to you.


Where is your focus?

Is what you love and most want in life truly for you, or are you keeping others happy?

Keep your focus on yourself and not what is external to you.

If you find that the focus is external or does not feel right, go back to getting to know you and check in with your alignment with your own values.


Are you truly aligned?

When creating your goal make sure you are aligned with the goal AND the value of achieving the goal.

Connect this to what you love and what you want.



Set completion dates and break it down.

Achievements through the life cycle of your goals give you the motivation to continue.

This also allows you to see what is working vs what is not and gives an opportunity to change.



Keep on track with a daily, weekly planning session.

Combine this with your daily meditation or mindfulness practice for additional effect.


Review and assess

Review, assess and stay accountable.


Get a copy of the cheat sheet (which includes a checklist), 6 steps to create goals that stick here and then ask yourself the following questions;


  1. Do your goals and intentions make you feel good?
  2. Are you ready to work on your top 5 goals?
  3. Not sure if you have blocks stopping you from achieving these?


If you need some help to work through this, then contact me to discuss how we can work together on your goals.